October 10, 2013

House & Home

I would naturally gravitate toward a Duchess Peony scented candle any day of the week, but take that scent and use it to conjure the idea of a Powder Room with it, and consider me sold.

This is how I discovered LAFCO House & Home Candles over the weekend, and I am not sure how I ever lived without them.

Conceptualized with the purpose, "A Candle for Every Room and A Candle for Every Home," you can imagine my enthusiasm exploring such virtual spaces as: Boudoir, Kitchen, Guest Room, and Country House.

Each soy based candle is displayed in a well-weighted, art glass vessel. Although the price point may be considered on the high-side by some ($60 each), I can promise you these candles are worth their weight in gold. The size is very generous - 16 oz. compared to a 6.7 oz. standard Diptyque candle at the same price - and guarantees 90-hours of burn time.

My top three favorites? Ranch House, Patio, and Music Room.

xx JN


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  2. Good discovery! I'm excited to check these out. Shelling out extra $ for soy candles is so worth it in my book—they last longer and don't give you those weird headaches as do so many cheap candles. xo