February 13, 2013

They Deserve a Vote

If you were tuned in to President Obama's State of the Union last night, I think we would all agree that one moment was particularly full of emotion:

Mr. Newman & I were both choked up (this is an issue we are passionate about to begin with), and then it occurred to me, "What in our lives deserves a vote?"

That idea doesn't automatically equate to a "yes" vote. The vote very well may be a "no." However, to vote requires action - it is about standing up and showing up. Exercising your voice. Being heard. Standing strong. Believing in something.

In as much as our politics deserve politicians who take action on behalf of the people they represent, we, too, must take action on behalf of the betterment of our own lives.

After all, indifference serves no one. Maybe that means putting the chips down and voting "yes" to take better care of ourselves. Perhaps we need to vote "no" on allowing negative energy in to our lives.

I'm making my ballot - are you?

xx JN

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