February 11, 2013

Hooray for Hunter!

Between the rain, sleet, ice, snow, 8" slush puddles, and everything in between, I must loudly profess my utter devotion to my Hunter Boots.

I have had two other pairs of all-weather boots ... yet used to stand and stare at the lovely ladies and gents (... and children) who donned those infamous wellies in fabulous colors with their perfect socks.

As any big City girl can attest, what we display south of our ankles, in all actuality, must have the durability of Goodyear tires with the amount of walking, schlepping, climbing, and gallivanting we do on a daily basis.

As I'm always trying to pinch pennies and get the most bang for my buck, I finally gave it some thoughtful consideration: "Is it worth spending $135 on a pair of wellies?"

In as much as you wouldn't drive your Volvo around on a spare tire (donut), why wouldn't I invest in a pair of boots that were going to carry me through thick (snow) and thin (rain)?

So I did it. Last Fall.

And I ain't ever looking back!

Listen, when I did my research, Hunter Boots are far more than a trendy fashion statement. Originated in 1856, these boots were so durable they were manufactured for the British Army in both World Wars. Not to mention His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty the Queen each granted Hunter Boots a Royal Warrant.

Clearly, my lovelies, they know how it's done.

The next time you're about to attempt to cross a puddle that is two feet wide by leaping in your stilettos, heed my advice: embrace the Hunter in you. If I was able to get away with wearing them to the Tents this weekend at Lincoln Center, I promise you, there's no need to think again.

After all, you're going to feel childlike joy when you splash in walk gracefully through those slush puddles!

xx JN

Note: Hunter Boots do tend to run big, so downsize. For example, I traditionally wear a 6-1/2 - 7, and I purchased my Women's Huntress Boots in a size 6 without any issues. Also, the Welly Socks are worth their weight in gold - especially when you're ready to traipse through the snow!

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  1. I have always wondered if Hunters Boots were worth their price, I'm seriously going to invest in some! Thanks!