February 19, 2013

Beyond Yoga

I was recently introduced to Beyond Yoga, and my lovelies, I'm sold.

Not only does Beyond Yoga offer chic activewear with luxury at its core, but also is a brand authentically focused on keeping every woman's figure in mind. Flawless, right? With Gwyneth Paltrow as one of the brand's many celebrity fans, it made perfect sense when her e-commerce company, goop, collaborated with Beyond Yoga to create a 2-piece activewear set during the holidays.

Now that my foot surgeon has said to "resume normal activity," I cannot help but focus on getting back to my physical routine. For me, that routine translates to strength training and yoga practice - which also translates to filling my shopping bag with some of these Beyond Yoga treasures:

As I say so often, embracing a lovely lifestyle begins with living our best life. Between honoring our health, pursuing our best form of exercise, and slipping in to luxury comfort at the same time - we simply cannot go wrong, my lovelies. I am so excited to see what spring has on the horizon!

xx JN

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