November 19, 2012

Mom's Little Vase

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While growing up in the South, gift-giving was an anytime occurrence. There need not be a specific occasion, holiday, or poignant moment. In fact, these opportunities were referred to as giving a "happy" to someone - merely for the sake of spreading joy! Granted, the season of gift-giving is upon us, but isn't it a great feeling to receive something on any ol' day of the year?

Well, I just received a "happy" of the most lovely bud vase, known as Mom's Little Vase. I must tell you it has quickly became one of my favorite things! It should come as no surprise that it came from one of my favorite gift-giving spots, Uncommon Goods. To begin with, this piece has immense character based on its petite size, and takes up minimal space in my Brooklyn apartment. The fact I can proudly display one of the many hand-picked treasures Lyla gives me delights me to no end ... not to mention the idea I can cut the perfect bloom for it! For anyone who comes to our home, there is nothing uncommon about my love of flowers. Let's just say this vase is reason enough to want to keep them displayed at all times!

It is said that good things come in small packages, and this little gem does not disappoint. Handmade by artist Jill Henrietta Davis, each vase varies slightly from the other. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is that piece you stock up on and give to everyone. (Can we say stocking stuffers, my lovelies?!)

So, who are you going to give a "happy" to?

xx JN

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