November 15, 2012

I Am Changing

One of the (many) benefits of living in my neighborhood is the breathtaking foliage. Park Slope is truly stunning that way. I can't help but wonder as I walk Woodrow everyday, if I didn't have a reason to stop and take it in, I would miss the nuances to the seasons and their changes. Because it is no exaggeration that a tree can be full of beautiful fall leaves one afternoon and barren the next.

Isn't that also true of life and its many changes? If we don't really pay attention, we miss the pivots, the nuances, the subtleties.

And when I speak of change - which ultimately leads to personal growth - I can't help but think of (and sing) this tune.


Dress: LOFT / Jacket: personal vintage collection / Scarf: Trina Turk / Boots: Guess / Bracelets: Silpada & Tiffany & Co. / Ring: Silpada / Nails: Apertif by Essie
Styled by: Amy Keller
Photographed by: James Newman

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