October 14, 2012

Weekly Speaking: October 14th

This last week I ...
  • overhauled our apartment. It started with a mere desire to put out some family pictures, and snowballed into an extensive project! (Have I mentioned I'm a Virgo?) So worth it, so inspiring, and such an accomplishment! I expanded the gallery wall in our bedroom, and changed up our living room in many fun ways.
  • discovered that my two sweethearts are obsessed with my new adaptation of this recipe
  • found out I have to have foot surgery in December. I've been dealing with this for the last three years, and am actually super excited to start the road to healing - that's the real Christmas present, right?! I'm also grateful to have been introduced to my new podiatrist, Dr. Gregg Rock, who will be performing my surgery.
  • was often reminded that my girl is growing up, and how much I love being a parent with my hubby.
  • continued to laugh out loud at how my girl has taken on my "gift" for making up alternative lyrics to classic tunes ... for example, "O Christmas Tree" makes for a great tune to her new re-write entitled "O Public School."
  • scheduled an appointment at Devachan for my semi-annual haircut. These curls are so ready for some love this Tuesday!
  • determined that essie's Aperitif is my new signature nail color - and goes beautifully with my new signature lip color, Cherry Lush, by Tom Ford.
Now, let's make it a beautiful new week!

xx JN

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