October 2, 2012

The Clown Suit

When the 90's took the "jumpsuit" and re-imagined it, I was first in line to embrace! They were always some sort of rayon blend, oftentimes with a pattern, and zipped all the way up the back. And don't forget the little mini shoulder pads! Imagine my surprise when I get a call from Stylist Amy that says, "I found this clown suit today - don't judge - and you're going to freak out. Just wait until we belt it, and I swear, you are going to want to wear it every day."

Now, when I heard "clown suit" - especially with my propensity to don over-the-top clothing - I'm picturing something with a ruffled neck and primary colors. Needless to say I fell out laughing because I'm sure I owned at least a half-dozen "clown suits" when I was rocking my way through the early 90's!

(Oh, and ps, have I yet mentioned I'm terrified of clowns? Maybe this oxblood number will help ease my fear moving forward!)

"The Clown Suit:" stylist's own / Belt & Shoes (last season): LOFT / Necklace: Chico's / Bracelet: stylist's own
Styled by: Amy Keller
Photos by: James Newman

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