October 25, 2012


As much as I love color, and goodness knows I equally love living life as colorfully as possible, there is something so special to me about the timelessness of black and white imagery. The story changes in the absence of color - in the way things are neutralized. And although we shot the majority of these looks in color, these black and white images quickly became my favorites:

Outfit #1 details:
Jacket: vintage (stylist's own) / Skirt: Rugby (similar here) / Shoes: vintage Chanel (stylist's own) / Clutch: Coach (circa 2005) / Men's Watch: DKNY (old)
Outfit #2 details:
Dress & Sweater: both vintage - (stylist's own) / Accessories: personal collection / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (similar here)
Styled by: Amy Keller
Photographed by: James Newman

October 24, 2012

In the Clutches ...

Ever since I was a young girl watching Dynasty with my mom (don't judge), I have associated the carrying of a clutch with women who were always dressed to the nines, dripping in diamonds, and typically on their way out for cocktails. There is something to be said for only having to carry a clutch - and it certainly is a much different feeling than the days carrying my large handbag, gym bag and grocery bag ... typically at the same time.

A clutch still symbolizes elegance, freedom, and beauty to me - to name a few. Here I have selected several styles I am obsessed smitten with. Now you tell me, which ones are your favorites?

October 23, 2012

When Trina Met a Trench

One of the things I love most about vintage & second-hand shopping is coming across a designer I adore and experiencing a piece from their collections past. This Trina Turk shirt dress was no exception! It has happily played in both my closet as well as Stylist Amy's. Now with the fall weather in full swing, the time has come for the lightweight coats to make a daily appearance - and this Coach trench fit the bill perfectly:

Shirt Dress: Trina Turk / Trench: Coach (similar here) / Belt: Coach (old) / Necklace: LOFT (old, but great alternative here) / Bracelet: Railroad Spike Cuff Bracelet by Giles & Brother / Watch: Fossil (old) / Shoes: Nine West (last season) / Nails: Armed & Ready by essie
Styled by: Amy Keller
Photographed by: James Newman

October 22, 2012

Break, Bruise, or Bounce?

It really isn't an urban myth that women congregate in bathrooms. We do. And aside from talking stall-to-stall (which I can't deal with, ps), when you have multiple women washing their hands, fluffing their hair and applying lipstick in front of each other, conversations are bound to break out.

So while having one of those "in public" moments while washing my hands, fluffing (well, I say scrunching) the curls and checking to see if my Tom Ford needed another swipe, this fierce African-American woman says to me, "Those jeans actually fit you!"

Imagine my surprise at the opening line to that convo!

Without missing a beat, we begin chatting like old high school girlfriends, discussing the evolution of denim for those of us in the curvy persuasion. She, too, is wearing denim and says, "Now, look. These fit everywhere but here," referring to "the gap" in the back. And then, she looks me dead in the eye and says, "Not everyone is flat. I'm real, and I have curves. At least I won't break when I fall ... I might bruise, or even bounce, but I won't break."

And that is when I immediately burst into hysterics! Here we were, drying our hands in the restroom, kibitzing over the fit of our clothing, swapping shopping stories, and we both laughed. Like, out loud, validating, high-five laughter!

As we said our goodbyes she says, "You know, I was told recently to smile at a stranger at least once a day to help brighten the world." Lord, she brightened my day!

I walked away with three thoughts: 1. never underestimate the power of validation, 2. never underestimate the power of well-fitting denim, and 3. do you break, bruise, or bounce when you fall down?

xx JN

October 21, 2012

Weekly Speaking: October 21st

{images by James Newman}
This last week I ...
  • realized that being a gluten-free & refined sugar-free gal as the seasons change and holidays approach is harder than anticipated! I'm about to hit the 9-month mark, and have far less migraines to prove it. However, not being able to partake in homemade pumpkin bread and chicken pot pie is definitely a bore to my taste buds.
  • couldn't resist making this recipe again. But now I've simplified it to just the chicken, stock, and green salsa ... and it is so beyond amazing.
  • had an incredible appointment at Devachan - and my curls are grateful! Have you embraced your inner Curly Girl?
  • participated in a live chat with Nate Berkus about his new book, The Things That Matter. I cannot wait to share more about it with you.
  • saw the leaves really begin to turn ... and that magic never ceases to amaze me!
  • watched one friend move away to start a new chapter in her life, and another one suffer the loss of a grandparent. Someone else lost a parent, another announced her pregnancy. One is dealing with divorce, another one celebrated an anniversary ... just like the seasons, our lives change. How do you deal with change?
I'm sending you so much love & light as we start another week!

xx JN

October 16, 2012

Fall Florals

I must admit I'm not always one to associate floral prints with the fall season, but this dress was one that was impossible to resist! Besides, once the cowl neck sweater and knee-high boots were added to the mix, I was hooked:

Dress: stylist's own / Sweater: LOFT (last season) / Boots: Guess (as seen here)  / Bracelet: Wanderlust + Co. / Watch: stylist's own / Earrings: Antoinette in Smoky Topaz by Julie Collection
Styled by: Amy Keller
Photographed by: James Newman

October 14, 2012

Weekly Speaking: October 14th

This last week I ...
  • overhauled our apartment. It started with a mere desire to put out some family pictures, and snowballed into an extensive project! (Have I mentioned I'm a Virgo?) So worth it, so inspiring, and such an accomplishment! I expanded the gallery wall in our bedroom, and changed up our living room in many fun ways.
  • discovered that my two sweethearts are obsessed with my new adaptation of this recipe
  • found out I have to have foot surgery in December. I've been dealing with this for the last three years, and am actually super excited to start the road to healing - that's the real Christmas present, right?! I'm also grateful to have been introduced to my new podiatrist, Dr. Gregg Rock, who will be performing my surgery.
  • was often reminded that my girl is growing up, and how much I love being a parent with my hubby.
  • continued to laugh out loud at how my girl has taken on my "gift" for making up alternative lyrics to classic tunes ... for example, "O Christmas Tree" makes for a great tune to her new re-write entitled "O Public School."
  • scheduled an appointment at Devachan for my semi-annual haircut. These curls are so ready for some love this Tuesday!
  • determined that essie's Aperitif is my new signature nail color - and goes beautifully with my new signature lip color, Cherry Lush, by Tom Ford.
Now, let's make it a beautiful new week!

xx JN

October 10, 2012

Denim by Design

I didn't own a pair of jeans until I was in high school. I was that girl from the South who embraced all things skirts and dresses (oh, and suits as a teenager ... don't ask). Pants - and especially jeans  - were far too casual for my taste and never looked right on me. Before the recent years of the "curvy fit" sensation, when you're the girl who has the hourglass figure from the time you're wee-high, it was either pleated pants (which made everything worse), or, have pants that fit the booty, but left a gap the size of the Grand Canyon at the small of my back! (yes, I went there.)

Nowadays, I can't imagine a world without them - and have come to realize that it's all about the fit and the quality of the denim, and there ain't nothing too casual for my taste any longer!

Denim: Levis / Shirt: C. Wonder / Boots: Guess (last season - similar here) / Bracelets: J.Crew (old) / Watch: personal collection
Stylist: Amy Keller
Photographer: James Newman

October 2, 2012

The Clown Suit

When the 90's took the "jumpsuit" and re-imagined it, I was first in line to embrace! They were always some sort of rayon blend, oftentimes with a pattern, and zipped all the way up the back. And don't forget the little mini shoulder pads! Imagine my surprise when I get a call from Stylist Amy that says, "I found this clown suit today - don't judge - and you're going to freak out. Just wait until we belt it, and I swear, you are going to want to wear it every day."

Now, when I heard "clown suit" - especially with my propensity to don over-the-top clothing - I'm picturing something with a ruffled neck and primary colors. Needless to say I fell out laughing because I'm sure I owned at least a half-dozen "clown suits" when I was rocking my way through the early 90's!

(Oh, and ps, have I yet mentioned I'm terrified of clowns? Maybe this oxblood number will help ease my fear moving forward!)

"The Clown Suit:" stylist's own / Belt & Shoes (last season): LOFT / Necklace: Chico's / Bracelet: stylist's own
Styled by: Amy Keller
Photos by: James Newman