September 10, 2012

Fashion Week Street Style

It is next to impossible to walk away from the streets of New York without some style inspiration on any given day of the week. And with New York Fashion Week currently settled in at Lincoln Center, the plaza has become a literal street style heyday:

Even the Grand Dame of the Fashion Police was armed and ready for her commentary today:
{above images: James Newman}

And it just so happens that a certain Gal and her Stylist seemed to catch the eye of yesterday morning before attending the Lela Rose S2013 show:
{image: Raydene Salinas/AOL}
xx JN


  1. Ok, but I just CAN'T take some of those shoes. My ankles broke just looking at them, oh and also they were kinda ugly. But, in other news, that was a fun little picture show, tahnks for sharing!

    1. That's the best part about observing street style: it comes in every flavor (and heel height) out there! Truly something for everyone! xx