August 10, 2012

White Light

In order to really accentuate this divine vintage blouse, stylist Amy had me trade in my standard dark wash denim for these fabulous white skinny jeans from C. Wonder. And just like the magic of color against a blank canvas, everything immediately came to life:


 Blouse: vintage (stylist's own) / Jeans: white Skinny Jean by C. Wonder / Handbag: Coach vintage (stylist's own) / Shoes: Karen Scott / Watch: Fossil (old)
Styled by: Amy Keller


  1. you don't have the face or bod to be pretending to be a model....and posing on the street doesn't make you edgy....just sayin'

    1. Hi, Anon - You are completely entitled to your opinions and unique point of view. If my appearance and content do not resonate with your taste, then I would encourage you to spend your time finding another site suited toward your interests. xx

    2. Wow anon, what makes you think you have the right to say something like that? Keep your negative opinion and what seems to be a charming personality to yourself. This world gains no benefit from rudeness like that.

  2. Lookin' good Jenn and I love your body!