August 22, 2012

High Flying Flagg

I discovered this Edith Flagg dress while on one of my first vintage shopping adventures in Brooklyn - finding a dress so special set quite a precedent for everything since! There is nothing subtle or understated about it, which is one of the main reasons I completely adore it.

The same may be said for the woman who designed it. The Romanian-born fashion designer launched her business in 1956 in California, and was the first person to import polyester in mass quantities to the United States. She is a Holocaust survivor, speaks multiple languages, and is a philanthropist - not to mention her legacy is still going strong at the age of 93!

To say I'm proud to wear this piece is nothing short of an understatement. I only hope to glean a mere ounce of Ms. Flagg's chutzpah when I wear her handiwork ... and hope I am still actively giving back to my community when I'm 93!

Dress: vintage Edith Flagg / Handbag: Legacy Leather Duffle in Cognac from Coach / Earrings: Angeline in Smoky Topaz by Julie Collection / Bangles: personal collection & stylist's own / Ring: personal collection / Nails: Bordeaux from Essie / Shoes: Nine West (old)
Stylist: Amy Keller


  1. I actually QUITE adore this dress. How super cute is that? What year was it made?

    1. Thank you - I'm equally smitten with it! Based on the design of the tag/logo, it is believed to be mid to late 1960's.