July 19, 2012

Creating a Gallery Wall

As we discussed earlier this week, my bedroom received quite the revamp over the weekend! One of my favorite features in our "new" space is the gallery wall my hubby & I now view at the foot of our bed.

Here's how you can create one at home:

1. Start by gathering the pieces you wish to feature. I recommend spreading them out on a flat surface so you can easily rearrange them (in this case, I used our bed):

Keep in mind that putting a gallery wall together is a bit like working a puzzle ... you will know when the pieces "fit" together. On this wall, I had a piece much larger than the rest. I worked at achieving balance by treating the largest piece as the "anchor" on one side of the space and filled in the other side with the rest of the pieces.

2. Choose the nails/wall anchors best suited for each piece you're hanging:

3. Measure out your wall space - I prefer the "eyeball" method, but you can certainly use a leveler/measuring tape - and start by hanging the pieces that either are on opposites sides of each other, or the pieces you will treat as center:

4. Add your remaining nails/wall anchors:

 5. Hang your individual pieces:


6. Tweak and adjust as you go to ensure everything is lined up properly - again, use your eyeballs! They won't fail you!

7. Voila!

 xx JN

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