June 8, 2012

M'oda 'Operandi

House of Lavande Oceana Crystal Collar Necklace

House of Lavande: Oceana Embellished Cuff

Whether you have personally experienced a runway show during Fashion Week, or comb through the press photos in the days that follow, it comes as no surprise the accessories are as equally sought-after as the fashion.

M'oda 'Operandi knows this. And hit it out of the park.

First, their team hits the runway and captures all of the details behind each look the Designer presents.

Next, M'oda 'Operandi hosts an online trunkshow for 5-7 days. During that time, Very Lucky You puts down a deposit and pre-orders the piece(s) of your choice. The Designer creates Your New Treasure and you will receive it before His/Her collection hits stores ... that is, if your piece even becomes available in-store ...

Yes, it is brilliant.

I happened to view the House of Lavande collection today (available through June 15th!), and found myself drooling ... I'm sure it's really hard to guess which two pieces I'm obsessing over today! With the other trunkshows currently on display, you are going to have quite a time making a choice!

I mean, this girl will dream!

xx JN

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