June 26, 2012

Getting Juicy!

A few months ago, Team Newman invested in a juicer - a Cuisinart 1000W 5-Speed Juice Extractor to be exact! It pretty much changed our world. Green drinks (and juicing in general) is definitely on-trend these days ... but there's good reason for buying into it: juicing aids in alkalizing pH levels, boosts immunity, helps with weight loss and fights fatigue. This is my favorite recipe, and I always find this drink refreshing and delicious!

Team Newman's Green Drink

4-6 large kale leaves (with stalks)
3-5 romaine leaves (with stalks)
1 cucumber (peeled)
2 stalks celery
1 large handful of parsley (flat leaf or curly, stems included)
1 lemon (halved)
1 large green apple (halved)
1" piece of fresh ginger (unpeeled)

Process each of the ingredients through your juicer on the suggested speed (consult your owner's manual if necessary). Produces approximately 24-32 ounces of fresh juice (depending on your juicer). Juice should be enjoyed immediately, or sealed in mason jars (or other airtight storage glasses) for no more than 24-hours to preserve best nutritional value!

Happy juicing, and happy health!
xx JN

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