May 29, 2012

Tiny Bubbles

Not a day goes by without consuming copious amounts of sparkling water in my house. When we were in the suburbs, no trip to Costco was complete without a case (or two) of San Pellegrino ... all to be consumed within a week or so. But in our quaint Brooklyn apartment, this mama does not have the room to store the beautiful bottles ... and besides, recycling only comes once a week!

When my hubby & I happily discovered that we could make our own sparkling water at home, we were thrilled. For a nominal cost (and minimal counter space), we could invest in the machine that turns our tap water into bubbles, and would no longer have to put bags full of bottles curbside on Sunday evenings. Save the planet & our wallets? Yes, please!

So what does this little miracle machine look like?

The Fountain Jet Starter Kit from SodaStream comes with a refillable carbonator (CO2 tank), two reusable bottles, and the soda maker. There are other fun styles available (and tons of flavored syrups), but this was what we chose for our counter space and budget.

When your carbonator is empty, simply take it to a local retailer and trade it in for a new one. We are so delighted with ours, and are happy to report several dear friends have these gracing their countertops, too!

xx JN

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