May 9, 2012

My Response to Amendment One

Our daughter loves weddings: the attire, the formality, the exchanging of vows, the magic ... the love.

She just received her second wedding invitation for this coming August, and is already planning her wardrobe, her dance moves, the logistics. Trust me when I say, our girl holds weddings in the highest esteem.

The first wedding she attended was a gay wedding.

And so will her second.

Yesterday, certain citizens of North Carolina showed the nation that what is "popular" is to legislate against those who are different in a hateful, destructive way. It directly effects two of my friends who live in the state. And I'm deeply saddened and outraged for them.

I also cannot help but think of the children of North Carolina - the children who have just heard that the only "right" way to be committed is "boy + girl." That's not the "majority," my friends. So how will Amendment One change their lives?

What does it say to the bigoted bullies - both young and old? Does it not send the message, "It's okay to hate because the law is behind my thoughts and actions?"

And what about the adults who have lived in silence - who thought, "If this Amendment doesn't pass, I will finally feel like I can tell the truth about who I am." What are they thinking this morning?

For those who voted in favor of the Amendment - especially those who cited religious reasons as the foundation for your choice - I ask you: why?

If you ascribe to the notion that not only is God love, but also that we are created in the likeness of God, does that not mean everyone? Not just you. Not just those at your church. Not just those who think and believe just as you do. But everyone.

Did you take a moment to consider that if there was a war in this country trying to take away your religious rights - your freedoms - the faith that you hold as the very truth of your soul - how that would make you feel? Your choices at the polls yesterday waged a war against the truth, rights and freedoms of those different than you. Sorry, but if that is "popular," then count me an outcast.

To my friends and family who are proud members of the LGBT community, I am your ally. I believe in you. I honor your personal truth. When given the chance, my vote is in your favor. Not just at the polls, but in every fiber of my being.

Prop 8 was overturned. Amendment One will be next. Just remember, you're not alone. You have the attention of the entire globe, and millions of us are outraged on your behalf. Do not accept this as a means of being marginalized. We know this is not the end answer. And we also know that you are asking to love and be loved with the equal rights you deserve. It may take more time, but together, we shall overcome.

xx JN

Join the movement:
Freedom to Marry
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Marriage Equality USA
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

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