May 1, 2012

Beauty ... at the Bodega

I am always fascinated by the "it's such a dirty city" stereotype New York City gets flack for. Granted, if your only exposure to the Big Apple is a crime scene on Law & Order or a snapshot of someone passed out on a bench in a subway station, you're likely to believe that depiction.

But it's the simple things ... like the man who walks up and down Broadway in NoHo with multiple wands of incense burning, making his little bubble of the world smell lovely. Or strolling by Ladurée on Madison Ave on a gorgeous spring day and seeing the rows of French macarons in their myriad of colors.

For me, it's the juxtaposition that always takes my breath away - because you may have just passed a dog doing its "business" on a pile of trash, but yet, right in front of you is a bodega full of splendor such as this:

I find it a lovely reminder to appreciate beauty everywhere.

Because after all. Beauty is everywhere. Even Especially in New York.

xx JN

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