April 27, 2012

Working It With Class

Work From Home

Work From Home by thejennnewman

No matter where your work finds you, embracing your personal style transforms that power suit from “corporate uniform” to “fashionable chic” in seconds. With the world today offering opportunities to work from home, the office, or on location, wearing pieces that inspire your openness and creativity are a must.

People often equate working from home with working in their pj’s, but just because your desk is within your own four walls doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the latest trends! During the work hours you’ve set for yourself, why not trade-in the flannel pants, sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers for a dark washed skinny jean, cashmere cardi and a delightful pair of ballet flats? You can maintain the comfort necessary to be sitting with your laptop and latte, but it’s that extra something that takes your confidence (and therefore, your work) to the next level.

When you have that outdoors-to-indoors commute deal with, invest in some quintessential layers. The transition from Mother Nature to recycled air can be fraught with temperature fluxes and everything in between, so don’t feel like you can’t go sleeveless in summer outside - just layer on the perfect black blazer once you get inside.

Playing Fair with Added Flair

If you’ve ever worn a uniform, sang in a choir, or played on a team, you know the feeling of wanting to express yourself within the confines of the said (or unspoken) dress code! Although your work environment may dictate many factors (sometimes down to the color of polish you’re allowed to don), I do believe there are two great assets to sparkle and shine in the sea of black pencil skirts and pinstripes: makeup & accessories.

What about that special scarf when you need an extra pop to your outfit, or (appropriate) patterned tights instead of basic black? Paint your pout with a bright coral instead of your everyday neutral. Switch out the pearls with a bold, chunky necklace. You’ll find ways to express your individuality while respectfully adhering to the list of “do’s and don’ts.”

Role Models

There’s always that someone in our midst who has perfected their personal style ... and their routine walk down the hall is your version of a runway show during Fashion Week. Embrace it! There is always something to gain from observing someone else’s creativity and sense of self. Take what you can as pure inspiration, and find ways to incorporate their know-how into your wardrobe. Although imitation is the greatest form of flattery, keep in mind that although your muse may rock the black shift dress better than Audrey herself, maybe you knock a pair of perfectly tailored trousers out of the park. The key is: wear what fits you best ... with a gusto!

Fail Me, Fail Me Not

We have all been there. Some of us (myself, specifically) more than others. I went through a phase where I embraced double knit v-necks, cropped cargo pants and platform flip-flops ... on my hourglass figure it accentuated everything in a negative light and was one big epic fail. After you’re done burning the evidence and pretending “that never happened,” the sooner you’ll realize that when you dress for the success of your figure and personality, failure will no longer be an option!

xx JN

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