April 30, 2012

Made-Up Eye Makeup Removers

While taking a leisurely trip to mecca Sephora yesterday, I picked up a some key sundries I had recently run out of this week:


My hubby was quick to remind me of how many times over our 14-years together that I have come up with a made-up alternative to eye makeup remover in moments of desperation ... let's just say we had quite the laugh over this list:

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Johnson's Baby Oil

Wesson Canola Oil ... nope, I'm not ashamed. 
Alright, it looked hysterical on the bathroom counter next to the cotton balls!

Mineral Oil ... I admit after applying it I thought, "I just applied a laxative to my eyes. Wow."

 Up until yesterday's trip to Sephora, I resorted to using 100% natural, all-Vegan Rahua Shampoo.

I hope you're shaking your head and cracking up like Jimmo & I were, because I would be lying if I said it isn't typical for me to MacGyver something at a moment's notice.

Hmmmm ... do I see a new series of blog posts? 

xx JN

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