November 13, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Inside

The tickle in the nose.

The dry spot in the back of the throat.

That feeling of cotton balls filling your head.

Yep. Cold season.

My symptoms started yesterday morning ... and immediately I broke out my tried and true ultimate cold remedy:

It starts with a good ol' flush of the sinuses with my Ancient Secrets Neti Pot. Do not be afraid. I can fully promise you: it will change your life. The ceramic neti pot is key - do not fall for the plastic knock-offs. Please. Stick with the ceramic and you will sing its praises. Go with the plastic and you might curse my name when you're attempting to flush out the snotties.

Allegra-D. With all the leaves falling and winds-a-blowing, my allergies are already flared up. Allegra-D is my favorite allergy medication of all time. And, yes, my loves, I have tried them ALL. The key is the "D" (aka - decongestant).

Oh, Mucinex. I have been taking Mucinex since the late 90's when it was still by prescription only and named Humibid. Mucinex comes in many forms and compounds over the counter. I'm a fan all around, but, the latest formula just hitting the market is the new Mucinex Fast Max. Awwww yeah! If you need to get instant relief of your symptoms and you don't mind drinking your meds (that are supposed to taste like blue raspberry, but instead taste like wiper fluid), then you should embrace Mucinex Fast Max.

Now that you've downed meds and flushed out your sinuses, take a moment to have a little treat. Nothing will cool that hot feeling in the back of your throat better than some delicious Talenti Gelato. I just so happened to have some Double Dark Chocolate in the freezer, but I am confident that no matter what your flavor persuasion happens to be, you will find a friend in any of Talenti's many gelato and sorbetto flavors. Talenti has it down to a gourmet science, and if I hadn't already had some, it would have been on the "Things to Purchase ASAP Before Cold Craze Takes Over" list my hubby made yesterday morning.

Emergen-C. Miracle in a packet. Remember "Fizzy Lifting Drinks" in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Yeah, Emergen-C is today's modern version. I am convinced it will cure anything. Drink it, folks. Feeling a little tired from a long day? Drink it. Cold's coming on and you want to nip it? Drink it. Overworked from a day in the garden and feeling uber-thirsty? Drink it. The new-and-improved Raspberry flavor is flawless. (And, yes, I have tried all the flavors.)

Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque was exactly what the doctor ordered. Now that I'm vegetarian and cannot partake in my husband's infamous homemade chicken soup, I requested Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque. Colds cannot live in an acidic environment, so it was even more reason to devour this delicious hot soup. Not only are their soups awesome, but you can't go wrong with any of their products!

Now with all of that, lots of rest, and fluids to boot - I woke up feeling better this morning. I will continue to repeat the regiment until there is no sign of a cold remaining!

'Tis the season to stave off what shall not ail you!

xx JN

Note: I am not a medical professional, and my opinions should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. However, as a professional singer, I rely on remedies that are friendly and safe for the voice. If I were prepping for a performance, I would substitute the gelato for sorbet to make it non-dairy to keep from adding any additional phlegm. Always consult your doctor before trying new medications.