July 26, 2011

Today's Discovery: Talenti Gelato

Although I'm first to admit that Italian ices typically top my frozen treats wish-list at any given moment, I will say that the gelato is not something I am able to turn down!

This afternoon, I was introduced to Talenti Gelato. It was a religious experience.

Among its many positives, Talenti is 100% natural, Certified Kosher, Gluten and High Fructose Corn Syrup free. Not to mention perfectly delicious ...

I had the privilege of sampling:

Immediately after my sample-fest, I found myself Googling "Heaven in a Bowl" "Talenti Gelato" to find out the details such as their additional flavors (can we say Sea Salt Caramel?!) ... but most importantly, the retailer in closest proximity to me! Also of note, they offer some scrumptious-sounding sorbetto as well!

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