July 29, 2011

Summer Fridays!

{ image via Caitlin McGauley }
This gorgeous summer week marks the end of July! Our summer vacation to Newport, RI is just a few more weeks away ... yay! I think we're going to grab a bite at the opening weekend of Bareburger here in the Slope -- the Avocado California Veggie Burger ... ummmm! My tootsies are calling for a new coat of Essie Geranium, too, so clearly I will listen and get myself to Pink Nails for a pedi! What about you guys?

Here's to an incredible weekend!

xo JN


  1. This reminds me of my youth during summer. It would get so hot in the afternoon and what saved us was the ice cream truck rolling.

  2. Summer fridays are fun especially if you spend it with your favorite cold foods like ice cream. It could also be better if you spend it on a beach and bathe even under the heat of the sun.
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