June 24, 2011

Eating my words ...

Just when I thought there would never be a day when store-bought guacamole would ever grace my table ...

Last night, in a hurry to get Taco Night ready in time for my Mom's arrival to NYC, I ran through C-Town to get ingredients for homemade guacamole. Trust me loves ... after growing up on fresh guacamole, the store-bought variety has always disgusted me at the mere smell, let alone taste. (Remember the days when you could only purchase store-bought guacamole in the freezer section?? Blech!)

Well. I stand corrected.

Although I will continue to make it fresh when perfectly ripe avocados are available, when in a pinch, I highly recommend Sabra's Classic Guacamole. Sabra is known for their many Hummus varieties and have branched out to include dips & salsas. I went out on a limb because I always buy their yummy, ready-made Hummus when I don't have time to make it from scratch.

For $3.99, it sure was a great alternative to over-ripe avocados at $2 a pop! Let me know when you try it.  

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